BioShield 29



BIOSHIELD29 is a flexible, adhesive surface that employs the natural anti-microbial action of Copper to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungus. When these microbes come into contact with the surface, active Copper atoms work to trap and destroy the biological threat.

  • Reduces potential for infection
  • Copper surface auto-disinfects
  • Adhesive back sticks to any surface
  • Easily removable
  • Water and weather resistant

non-toxic - effective - easy to use - reduce transmission of disease

Use BIOSHIELD29 on any contact surface to protect against bacteria, viruses, or fungus - door knobs, door levers, handrails, push plates, cell phones, faucets, buttons, car doors, etc. anti-microbial adhesive Copper surface

Instructions: Cut sheet to desired size and shape. Remove adhesive backing. Apply to clean dry surface. Clean only with a mild detergent or damp cloth. Replace as needed.

Warning: For topical use only. Not for internal use. Use only as directed.  Keep away from children. Choking hazard.

Contains: Two 6” X 6” flexible copper-coated adhesive sheets.

Copper has been shown to reduce antimicrobial contamination and is a supplement to, not a substitute for good hygienic practice.

Users must follow good hygienic and routine cleaning and disinfection practices.